Emergency legal assistance № 1 in Ukraine

Emergency legal assistance
№ 1 in Ukraine

  • Protection for any kind of law, around the clock
  • Experience more than 9 years
  • Over 2 million solved questions
  • A team of professional lawyers and attorneys

Personally will give You this advantage?

  • Confidence and peace of mind in any of the
    unpleasant and unexpected situation.
  • Legal advice on all areas of law.
  • Saving nerves, time and money.


We welcome You to our website. This is a unique project that works in several countries. In Ukraine he is the only one. We have only the foreigner can get advice in English very quickly, just a quick service on the phone. If necessary, the lawyer goes to the place. It does not matter what city You are in. We have our lawyers in virtually every city of Ukraine. You are under protection.

UIP (www.uip.com.ua) not only provides high-quality legal services, but also is a Personal lawyer  for customers in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Zambia, USA, Canada, Mexico and EU countries.