Emergency legal assistance № 1 in Ukraine

Emergency legal assistance
№ 1 in Ukraine

  • Protection for any kind of law, around the clock
  • Experience more than 9 years
  • Over 2 million solved questions
  • A team of professional lawyers and attorneys

Personally will give You this advantage?

  • Confidence and peace of mind in any of the
    unpleasant and unexpected situation.
  • Legal advice on all areas of law.
  • Saving nerves, time and money.

5 thoughts on “Emergency legal assistance № 1 in Ukraine”

  1. Return jewelry

    Happened to me this Story. My parents gave me for a birthday, gold seal, inlaid with precious stones, two weeks later, I found out that there is one stone on the signet, imagine my shock, I was very upset, especially on the sales receipt in bold broken “Jewelry returns and exchanges can not be.”
    What to do? Perhaps this story would have ended there, but since I am a customer of UIP, made the call in UIP, the lawyer reassured me, “don’t worry, the issue is solved”, and gave step by step instructions how to act.

    I came to this salon, explained the situation to the girl-administrator, to which she replied that according to their regulations, I have to take the ring, their specialist will determine, with the result that the stone fell out and it may take up to 20 working days, then if it was a factory defect, another 20 days to repair.

    I, of course, are not satisfied, I re-called G explained the whole situation, to which the lawyer advised me not to argue with them, not to swear under his dictation, I wrote the claim in 2 copies. After that presented the claim to the administrator and quietly went home. Three days later, I called the administrator of a jewelry salon, very nicely offered to come in any time and pick up the money.

    That’s so easy, without nerves decided this question.

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