The cost of maintenance

Our company offers three programs of your choice:

Services / Program Student Work & life Business
Service area (country) UA UA UA
Term 1 per year 1 per year 1 per year
Oral advice not limited not limited not limited
Consultation in the relations

of third parties

2 per year 3 per year 4 per year
Legal clarification of the document 1 per month 2 per month 3 per month
Instructions on drawing up

of the document

not limited not limited not limited
Oral business advice no 2 per year 3 per year
Written consultation 1 per month 2 per month 3 per month
Assistance in negotiations 3 per year 4 per year 5 per year
The arrival of a lawyer

on the scene

1 per year 2 per year 3 per year
Recommended model


1 per year 2 per year 3 per year
Reference contact


1 per month 2 per month 3 per month
Legal written opinion for starting a business project no 1 per year 2 per year
An overview of changes in legislation no 2 per year 1 per mouth
Evaluation of judicial perspectives no 2 per year 3 per year
The appointment of a representative from the


no yes yes
Service for families no yes yes
Consultation with respect

to the foreign legislation

1 per year 2 per year 3 per year
Notarized translation of a personal document 1 per year 2 per year 3 per year


$500 $700 $1000

Programs differ in scope of service and their number for one year. Such services can be:

Oral advice – You have any question? Then this service is for You. Where ever You are: at work or at home, in the store or in the Museum – employees of the company are always ready to answer any of Your questions during this phone conversation, or specialist call at any time convenient for You.

Emergency oral advice – If You urgently have any legal issue that requires immediate solution, this service may be ideal, because if there is an emergency situation you need it instant decision. Therefore, the “Extra advice” is available around the clock online.

Legal clarification of the document – Without this service it is impossible to do when you want to assess the contents of a document, Treaty, Declaration on the subject of their application. In case you need to make some adjustments. Knowing the consequences of one or another provision of the document, the lawyer can advise on the wording of the specific clause of the contract, legal consequences of the use of documents, and more.

Manual for the compilation document For the compilation of any document required to meet the requirements of legislation and law enforcement practice that defines its shape. Data requirements indicate the mandatory details of such a document, the order of its compilation, and other mandatory elements, the content of which is defined by the Law. This service is required to consider these requirements without studying the law.

Oral business advice – the Essence of this service is limited to providing legal advice on matters of business nature, that is business. Thanks to a multi-channel telephony system and the multi-level scheme of the competence of lawyers, the company provides a fast and efficient solution of arising legal question.

Written consultation – If You have any specific situation in which You need to receive a written report, the company’s specialists will provide the service of “Written advice”. The whole complex of questions asked should relate to one specific situation, the questions can be absolutely different specializations (with the exception of matters in the interests of the organizations).

Assistance in negotiations – at times very difficult to find a common language with the representatives of state bodies. Most often it ends up wasted money and nerves.. We regularly interact with various state bodies, providing clients with the best outcome of the negotiations. This service is an option in which You are spared from having to negotiate and spend time and effort. Just say, “Talk to my lawyer.”

Call a lawyer – the Essence of this service is to ensure that the lawyer of the company associated with the person named by the Client, in order to solve the legal difficulties. This can be useful when it is necessary to determine all relevant circumstances of the case in order to avoid misinterpretation of Client specific nuances.

Recommended model contract – In everyday life we are often faced with a necessity of registration of the legal relationship in writing. The form of certain relations defines the civil law describing the specific structure of such transactions. This service will allow You from the variety to choose the one that best meets Your interests.

Reference contact information – the Essence of this service is to ensure that the lawyer provides necessary information about public authorities, the disclosure of which is stipulated by law. In the course of obtaining services “legal advice” a lawyer said about the need to appeal to a specific public authority. At Your request, if necessary, will tell You all the information that may be needed for treatment. For example: “Tell me, where exactly I go?”

Written opinion for starting a business project You plan to create a new business, but starting a business involves addressing many legal issues, ranging from the choice of the legal form and ending with the tax administration processes.

An overview of changes in legislation – When it is necessary to be aware of changes in the law, closely affects the questions of Your business to make the right and timely decisions, this service is indispensable.

Evaluation of judicial perspectives – Not always appropriate to seek to resolve the dispute in court, as any litigation costs associated with both the timing and money as well as the risk to exhaust all remedies. And before you incur these expenses, you need to understand how they are reasonable and justified. This service is expressed in a written finding justifying the appropriateness of going to court and the adoption of a particular legal position.

The appointment of a representative from the Client in negotiations with lawyers you can appoint a representative: Secretary, translator or a close relative who entrusted him with the solution to all your issues. When you activate the card you agree to the candidacy of the representative, and after confirming his appointment, he may appeal to the “European Legal Service” is in your best interest to acquire any foreseen a tariff plan of the service.

Service for families – the Opportunity to expand your data plan for family members.

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One of the most popular projects UIP Ukraine

One of the most popular projects UIP Ukraine to become the project, which is developing very actively in Ukraine. Under this program, any foreigner in Ukraine may get advice in English, Russian or Ukrainian language on any legal issues, including questions regarding immigration status, entry into the country, forced expulsion from the country, customs and police, administrative and criminal situations, traffic accidents, debts, personal, family or business relations in Ukraine. For this purpose it is necessary to make a contract with our company and get a personal card and the personal code by which to consult 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also have discounts on other services of the company.